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How many logo variations can I upload?

You can upload as many as you like, as long as they are variations within the same brand family.

Can I include icons, taglines or URLs as well?

Absolutely. If you use it as part of your corporate identity, you can add it to your online brand standards.

Why do I need a brand standards guide?

If you own or manage a brand, you need to make sure that the brand elements (logos, design drawings, details, etc.) are communicated consistently and made available to your team and your suppliers. makes that easy by putting those resources online, where they are accessible 24/7.

Do I need to find hosting for your service, or will you host it for me?

We host all of our clients' online brand standards guides, as this allows us to continuously improve on the product.

How much does it cost to develop my brand standards guide?

Prices vary, depending upon what level of guide that you require, and whether you need Logo Standards, or the more fully-featured Retail Asset Standards guide. Please contact us to discuss which is right for you.

I have a logo, but I need to develop more variations for different uses. Can you help me? was developed by Jump Branding & Design Inc., to address the needs of clients just like you. We'd be happy to help you to extend your brand.

I have a design studio, and would like to offer your online brand standards to my clients. Do you offer reseller accounts?

We have not yet established a reseller program, but please contact us to see how we may be able to accommodate you and your clients.

Why should I put my standards manuals online?

Printing and shipping standards manuals can be costly, time-consuming, and not environmentally friendly! Why put all that valuable information into a standards manual that will need to be updated before it even gets into the hands of your team, franchisees, and suppliers? Keeping those resources online means that you can update it whenever you want, without the cost or delay of printing and shipping new manuals.

Are there any file types that can't be hosted on

No, but sometimes graphics files can be prohibitively large when attempting to move data over the internet. In these cases we recommend that you develop an accompanying artwork DVD that can be sent ordered online and shipped. includes an order form and optional integrated PayPal payment solution to help you handle such requests.